Teaching rooms

Denis Arnold Hall

The Denis Arnold Hall is the largest room in the Faculty and is used for lectures, research seminars, workshops, recitals and conferences. It has a state-of-the-art A/V system with touch screen control.  It also has audio and video ties to the recording studio.  Instruments usually available in the Hall include a Steinway grand piano (recently refurbished) and a selection of large percussion.

Lecture rooms

Lecture rooms are used for teaching throughout term-time during the day, and some rooms are used for rehearsals and other functions in the evenings. Out of term, the rooms are sometimes booked for summer schools and conferences. Nevertheless, there are still many opportunities for students to book lecture rooms for course-related purposes. All the rooms are fitted with audio-visual equipment, and all have at least one piano.  Rooms used most commonly in term are: Lecture Room A (LRA), Lecture Room B (LRB), the Committee Room and the Seminar Room.